Balance it out

It’s time to Refine!
October 27, 2017

Balance it out

Taking a trip?

Cooking and eating in a foreign

country may be the surest, truest

way to its soul.


Balance it Baby

We all know that diet is 80% of the battle, and where we will get 80% of our results. With that being said, letting our taste buds soak up culture is such an important part of travelling. So here is the secret; you can eat whatever you wantwithin reason.

Our Nutrition Expert Sarah O’Connor has this balancing game perfected. Want to kick up your heels with a cocktail? Babe you deserve it! But the trade off? No dessert that day and the rest of your meals should follow your Refine4 protocol 100%. Pro tip: when reaching for that cocktail or dessert, aim for the low sugar or sugar free option for guilt-free fun.

Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while travelling? Sign up to Refine4’s 8 week program.

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