Bali Bliss – 12 Days with

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October 3, 2017
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October 27, 2017

Bali Bliss – 12 Days with

Stop the search – visit and take my word for it. Villa Bali is best.

Let’s be real! There are literally hundreds of gorgeous villas in Bali available at an affordable price. BUT what you don’t know upfront is how they all compare to each other without spending hours searching online and reading tedious bias reviews. Well fear not fellow Bali lovers, I’ve got the low down if you scroll down.



 Location Location Location.

I got to experience a range of locations to give you the most informative review and here’s what you should know. has a number of exotic locations all far enough away from the Bali bogan hot spots to maintain tr
anquility,  but still close enough to feel included (lets face it, we are Australian and like it or not that makes us default bogans). We stayed at Villa Du Bah in Kerobokan which is a 2 minute cab ride (or 10 minute walk) from everything you need. And by that we mean it is the perfect location to pretend you aren’t a bogan, but infact a Seminyak Snob. We’re talking Beach Clubs (we <3 Potato Head & Ku De Ta), eating drinking & dancing (Motel Mexicola & La Favela for dinner, Strawberry Fields for everything else) and up market shopping (Seminyak Square). Did we forget to mention… minimal bogans?


Eat, pray, love… but mostly eat.

Feel like royalty with your own personal villa manager and security who are always available to address your every need. From cooking breakfast, to calling taxi’s, ordering your in house dinning and even being ready to maintain the villa according to your schedule! It truly is the essence of convenience. When you’re too lazy to head into Seminyak, the fully equipped kitchen was ready to go, and food delivery at your fingertips with thanks to the menu & international phone provided by



The experience.

Self-sufficient , tranquil, private, pristine condition, convenient, vast lush locations, 24 hour on-hand staff and the ability to contact head office for assistance  at any time with almost immediate response. Need I say more?

All in all, I honestly say this is the best Bali experience to date. With the island being such a beautiful, cultural and lush place to explore, we truly believe provides the best.



Top tip: Download Blue birds app for booking taxi’s. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. You’ll thank me later!

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