Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach

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May 6, 2016
October 22, 2016

Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach



Photography | Kurt Edward

Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach, home to the 2016 Australia Galaxy and Global Pageant Queens retreat. Located in the heart of Broadbeach these multi-storey apartments simply took my breath away. The extravagant coastal view stretching as far as the eye can see; in full view from every room thanks to the double story window decadently sweeping from floor to ceiling. Yes, the views are outstanding but the Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach was more than that.13009693_10154123061318158_1493481320_o


These beautiful self-contained apartments ensured you enjoy the comforts of home away from home. Thanks to the gracious staff of this family run business, we did just that! Beneath modern furnishings and clean cut designs of this trendy resort, is the super friendly and helpful staff, making your stay all the more special. It’s about going over and above for guests and Ultiqa is right on the money in customer service. It isn’t easy to please a dozen beauty queens from all over the world but providing the essentials as a complimentary welcome pack (including dress steamers, Lindt chocolate, espresso machines, breakfast goodies, fruit and an abundance of pageant snacks) is a sure way to get the girls singing love songs from the balcony!


13010040_10154123057093158_109549350_oWhat’s not to love about the Gold Coast? I literally did wake up every day singing love songs. You will find yourself falling in love every time you wake up to the glorious sunrise over the spectacular beach. Staying at Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach you are surrounded by sun and sand (and shopping with the new cosmopolitan precinct right at your doorstep!) Just to top off these panoramic pacific ocean views; you can say ‘I love you’ one more time when the sun goes down and the spectacular city night lights steal the show.


Just in case you aren’t a beach lover (said no one ever) maybe the heated lap pool or tennis court will provide you with some additional family fun. And if you are wondering about a gymnasium? You can tick that box too but draw a little love heart as well for providing amazing workout coastal views and sauna access! Ultiqa Resorts really has got all the goods and easily the most comfortable, affordable and yet extravagant stay I can remember.12986791_10154123057053158_2103198793_o


No matter how you want to spend your next holiday to the Gold Coast, Ultiqa Air on Broadbeach boasts ‘the perfect balance of sophistication and coast luxury..’ and thanks to the incredible customer service I can confidently say it’s all this and more. It’s been a delight and a privilege to experience such hospitality.

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